Who waits, will lose. Let’s rock!

This year everything will be different, you just need some time. And anyway, you have to prepare a lot now to get started in a few years. Nonsense. Who waits, loses.

It has a lot to do with the human inclination to always make new excuses or talk well, just to steal responsibility out of oneself.

There is our dazzling business idea, which we can’t start now, because we would rather finish studying “for the sake of knowledge” or our desire to run a marathon, but whose training phase we are constantly postponing because we just have to have too little time for it.

Such and similar excuses we find and invent in everyday life constantly and often we look at the end of our lives on a list of unfinished things that we have repeatedly postponed. Or as one poet once said: “The saddest place in the world is the graveyard. Here we find dreams, wishes and goals that have never been realized. “

Especially when it comes to action, we hear again and again – and often from ourselves – that the time is currently not the right one or we still have to prepare ourselves.’

The clock is ticking against you!

A movie says, “Time is the fire we burn in.” And that’s the point. You and I have only one life. If you believe the Statistics, it’s about 70-80 years that we can use freely. Once, then – at least according to the current state of science – never again. If we subtract from this the first 20 years of our lives, in which we first had to grow up and maybe the last 10, in which we can’t do everything for health reasons, not all that is left over.

The more incredible it is that we behave in places, as if we all the time in the world, someday later to realize our dreams. Or as the Dalai Lama aptly said: “Man lives as if he would never die and eventually he dies without ever having really lived.

So what are you waiting for?! On better weather? On a proper ass kick? The ass kick you get from me in the form of this text. Please consider two things:

  1. The perfect moment you wait to get started is not coming. Never! Something will always be missing, to make the time then still not perfect.
  2. Who guarantees that you will experience your pretended “perfect time to start”? What good is it for you to learn and wait another 5 or 10 years to not act, if you do not know if you can use this investment?

The difference between makers and the gray crowd is that the hungry for success do not even wonder if the time is right. You just do it, WE just do it!

Finally come to action!

If you have dreams or desires, be it professional, business, sporty or private, then go ahead and do it now. By the result, it doesn’t matter if you start today or later, but the time you’re still waiting – whether it’s 2 or 10 years – is either not there at the end or you can’t do it in the worst case.

Whether you have the burning business idea or the burning desire to go skydiving, NOW is the best time to do just that. Because NOW you are burning. And this burning is 100x more productive and more promising than any tedious preparation in the world.

Look at the success stories of Steve Jobs , Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marc Zuckerberg or whatever. None of them said, “But first I have to finish this and that.”

Come on! If you don’t do it right away, if only the thought causes tingling, your body releases adrenaline, you probably never will.

It isn’t the preparation for something that determines success or failure, but only the experience you have had in trying. Just do it and you will see that you are growing beyond yourself.

I wish you a lot of success with all my heart! So, go now!

In a nutshell

We humans tend to postpone our dreams and goals to any time in the future. We justify it with excuses, such as that we still need some preparation or the moment is not yet perfect for it.

At the same time, we usually pretend something and completely lose sight of the fact that time is working against us. Successful people don’t wait, but use their burning desire to tackle their project immediately. So they are always a long way ahead of the eternally waiting.

So stop postponing your ideas and dreams. Change from theory to practice! There is no better time to put it into practice than when you burn it right for them.

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