Are you Social Media addicted?
Mobile phone addiction: Half of all young people feel dependent on their smartphones. Photo:

Social Media Addicted: Signs that you are affected

We look at our smartphone an average of 88 times a day. We check the news, scroll through Facebook, wait for something to happen. Up to 50 Percent of the US Teenagers are social media addicted. Some updated data, reasons, and tips on what to do about it.

The empirically recorded numbers of the researchers are terrifying. We unlock our cell phone up to 88 times a day, we actively use our smartphone between 145 and 225 minutes a day. During this time we have a whopping 2,600 to 5,400 “touches”, i.e. keystrokes, unlocks, likes, etc. Anyone who looks at their smartphone more than 60 times a day is considered to be addicted to mobile phones.

Sure, some text messages with 100 and more characters can crack the mark of 5,000 touches very quickly. However, if you take a look at the duration of use, you can critically question the meaningfulness of our new media lethargy.

Let’s let the collected data melt in our mouths again. We use our smartphone on average between 2.5 and 4 hours a day. One more, the other less. With 7 hours of sleep this corresponds to a good 15-23% of the time we are awake.

Smartphone use mostly without added value

If you do not include answering really important phone calls and messages, our activities on the smartphone usually have no added value. Every minute, many of us open Instagram, Facebook and etc. Irrelevant Whatsapp messages are written, pictures are commented on and every day-to-day activity is shared with unknown people.

Parents post pictures of the little daughter on the dentist’s chair, the amateur athlete has to show that he is doing sports. Just like every other day – photos are provided with image filters and hashtags, people like, share and type whatever’s worth .

Are you social media addicted?

But who are these people who have 5,000 smartphone touches a day? Who are the people who share their every step with the world and are considered cell phone addicts according to the study?

Addicted to Social Media like Instagram and Facebook
The constant addiction to recognition from others.

Often these are people with a lack of self-confidence. Some others are scared of drowning in the anonymity of our society.

Every picture, every posting that is made seems to be a cry a la “Please note me!”, “Look, my life is also exciting!”. If you ask these people whether they will peddle their photo in paper form to their circle of friends and acquaintances 20 years ago, you will get shocked looks and a shaken head.

Like a puzzle about our character

No question about it, everyone is happy when they are informed about important events or experiences of their closest circle of friends and family and can even take part in pictures. But – leaving out the “I like everything” user – does anyone really care that your daughter is at the dentist? Does it show a confident life when a Sunday restaurant visit is only successful when many people know about it?

Hardly likely. On the contrary: like pieces of a large puzzle, each individual posting complements the overall picture that the people who see our activities have of us. Is someone exercising in a disciplined manner for themselves or actually just to be able to tell others that they are doing something? Does the person need confirmation or do they just live their life and do their thing?

Many are not even aware of how they often achieve the opposite of their desire for recognition with their activities in social networks. Without even realizing it, they reinforce the image of the social media bitch with each of their postings: Swap private life for attention.

Constant search for new information

The constant fear of missing out on something is relatively new. Fifteen years ago it did not actually exist in its present form. The next day, important news was only in the newspaper, on the radio and TV. And when friends had something to talk about, people would meet and talk about it.

Smartphone addicted couple
Many of us no longer have any control over smartphone and media consumption.

Cell phone addiction often arises from the fear of missing out on something online. The former serenity, with which we could live very well, has become a feeling of being always available and having to check our phone to stay up-to-date.

But do we even have to? Do we really have to pick up our smartphone every few minutes just to see the latest 34 group messages (made up of fun pictures and videos), Instagram pictures and Facebook likes? Do we have to check Spiegel Online and our e-mails every few minutes so as not to miss any information?

Certainly not. The world would go on turning without smartphone, but your productivity would increase dramatically.

Try it this way: Turn your smartphone to silent (don’t vibrate) and check it every 1-2 hours. The most important people in a VIP list so that they can call everyone else at any time. Nothing, absolutely nothing, that happens on Facebook, Instagram, etc., cannot be so earth-shattering that it cannot wait. You will be amazed at what you can do in the time you save.

Social media addicted means wasting time that could be productive

So-called opportunity costs are income that you miss because you have not used existing opportunities. Think about of all the other things you could do in the time you are using your cell phone. Whether you’re a student, employee, or entrepreneur, this time could bring you more.

Maybe it’s only 2 hours a day (instead of 2.5 – 4 hours) that you are busy with your mobile phone. With an hourly wage of just $ 20, that’s several thousand dollars a year that you could make. If you only invested half the time in sports or studying, you could be in a completely different place. Think about it.

In a nutshell

Technical progress has made many victims of their smartphones. They constantly need new information and recognition in the form of likes. They are social media addicted and can barely spend a minute without their smartphone.

But the time we are wasting here could be used much more sensibly. Try exercising, studying, or reading instead. Anyway, make something real with your life.

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