Are you social media or smartphone addicted?

An average of 88 times a day we look at our smartphone. We check the news every few minutes, scroll through Facebook and Instagram, and hope for new information. Are you also addicted to smartphones and are you afraid of missing things that are pretty meaningless?

The results of the researchers are frightening. We unlock our phone up to 88 times a day. Actively, we use our smartphone daily between 145 and 225 minutes, these are up to 4 hours. During this time we create an incredible 2,600 to 5,400 “touches”, ie keystrokes, likes, etc. Addicted is who looks at his smartphone more than 60 times a day.

Sure, with text messaging it’s not hard to get 5,000 letters and touches. However, if one takes a look at the duration of use, one may critically question the meaningfulness of our New Media lethargy.

Let’s take a closer look at the researchers’ numbers. Between 2.5 and 4 hours, we use our smartphone on average per day. One more, the other less. With 7 hours of sleep, this is a good 15-23% of the time we are awake.

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