Eisenhower Matrix: A great way to increase productivity

You have many tasks and a lot planned for the day, but in the end you once again did not…

What are Sleep Cycles?

Sleep Cycles explained: How they work and how to use them

Surely you know the days when the alarm rings at the exact moment when you are just dreaming. Too often…

What's the best time to drink coffee?

Best time to drink coffee: Increase your productivity

You already know that drinking coffee right before bed is pretty unwise. But did you know that there is a…

This Foods have superpowers

Brain Food: These everyday foods have superpowers

It has long been known that fresh food is the better choice than fast food. In addition, there are foods…

Winter Depression or Winter Blues: What's this?

Winter depression: Tips against the winter blues

Cold and wet weather, little sun and short days: In the cold year, many people fall into a winter depression…

How to be more confident

How to be more confident: 10 Tips for your life

The reason for a lack of self-esteem often is simply a completely wrong way of thinking. We’ll show you how to…

How to learn to say no more often

Learn to say “no”: 5 simple tips

Are you one of those people who find it difficult to bring a “no” over their lips? We’ll show you what’s…

How to improve own will power

How to improve willpower: Tipps for a stronger self

Some people seem to achieve all of their goals with ease. Others find it difficult even with small goals. The…

The SMART-System for goals simply explained

SMART Goals Examples: How to achieve your goals!

Most of the time, goals are not achieved because they are formulated incorrectly. The SMART system can effectively prevent this….

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