Arnold Schwarzeneggers Rules of Success
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Rules Of Success

He lived the American dream like no other. As a born Austrian he managed it from the very bottom up to the post of governor. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Rules of Success should be remembered by everyone.

Born in Styria in Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to be known by everyone around the world. Even before he reached the age of 20, he was known with his world title in bodybuilding as “Mr. Universe”. In his early 20s, he emigrated to the United States, where he made a million-dollar estate as a real estate agent in the 1970s.

In the 80s he finally succeeded with the movie “Terminator” as an actor’s international breakthrough. He finally reached the height of his career in 2003, when he was elected Governor of the State of California and filled this post with a total of 2 possible terms until the end of 2011.
He has laid down the reason for his success in his personal rules for success, which we would like to introduce to you today:

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Rules of Success

1.) Trust yourself!

As already written in several of our posts, it’s vitally important that you trust yourself and believe in yourself. (see tips for more confidence)
Just to hope that eventually everything will be as you imagine it, is not enough and will bring you with almost any probability to any of your goals.
Trust that you can and will succeed, no matter what you try to persuade. Our limits are in our heads and you decide what you think.

2.) Break the rules!

No, you should not break the law. But be careful not to let yourself be forced into rules, traditions, and customs that aren’t based on yours but on the ideals of your family or friends.
Go your way and do what YOU think is right. It doesn’t matter if you look at it crookedly or if you’re the first one to trust in your environment.
Remember, if you only swim in the gray mass, you will always just stay like the gray mass: boring average.

3.) Do not be afraid of failure!

Thomas Alva Edison needed a whopping 1,200 attempts before he finally invented the light bulb. If witty people like him had given up on the first failure, we would probably still be walking through the caves today with torches.

Failure is part of the path to success and isn’t bad. Imprint this! A failed attempt is nothing to be ashamed of, but an experience that no one can take away from you. Or, as Edison later said, “At least I know about 1,200 ways a lightbulb won’t work.”

Many people bury their dreams and visions for fear that they might fail and instead settle for a average life, which wasn’t the plan at all.

“You can’t always win. So don’t be afraid to make decisions. “

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Believe in yourself, believe in your vision and stay on the ball, no matter how many attempts it will take. Hardly a millionaire or inventor has achieved his goal with his first attempt. They all did it because they never gave up despite all the failures.

4.) Don’t listen to pessimists!

Surely you know that: you have a great idea, a vision, you are burning for it. But the first-best you tell it comes to you with concerns, dangers and talks your idea bad.

I love naysayers. If someone says that no one has ever done anything before, then I’m the first one who will do it.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pay close attention to who you surround yourself with and at most let such people talk about your dreams and ideas, who have experience in the area and who are your role models.

5.) Work, work, work!

No matter what you do, no matter where you want to be, be aware that you will only achieve more than the others if you will do more than these others for it.

“At the same time you’re off to celebrate, there’s someone out there who’s working hard right now. Someone is getting more intelligent at the same time and is well on the way to overtaking YOU. Do not forget that.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

So use every minute to get closer to your goals and visions, and don’t let yourself be unnecessarily distracted by things that don’t necessarily move you on.

6.) Give something back!

With all self-confidence, with all purposefulness: Don’t forget that you aren’t alone in the world and we are only through our social environment to a whole person.

“Going out to help other people will make you happier and happier than anything else.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Not all people have the strength or the courage to go their own way as you go. Take the time to give something back to other people, be it your friends or unknown people.

In a nutshell

Arnold Schwarzenegger lived the American dream like no one else before. Grown up in a normal Austrian working-class family, he made it to a world-class bodybuilder, became a Hollywood movie star and finally governor in the US.

That he has made it so far, he owes his never-faded iron will, their own dreams and visions into action.

To the people who want to learn from him, he advises a blazing self-confidence, fault tolerance and hard work. He also recommends distancing himself from naysayers and pessimists, not allowing himself to be made artificially small by the standards of others and instead supporting others with his own strength.

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