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What the musical taste reveals about our intelligence

The American software programmer Virgil Griffith has investigated the – not very serious – question as to whether there are connections between the students’ intelligence and their taste in music.

For this he evaluated via Facebook the musical preferences of students from his university and compared them with their results in their entrance exams.

As a result, students who had a taste in music somewhere between Lil Wayne, Beyonce and Jaz-Z were the worst performers. The best performing students, on the other hand, listened more to artists like U2, Bob Dylan and Beethoven.

If you want to know more about his study, you should visit the Griffith website, where you will find many more examples.

However, to what extent these data would now stand up to an empirical comparison or have to do with reality, everyone must decide for themselves.

Especially when it comes to increasing your own productivity or just to feel good, your own taste in music is always the best choice. No matter which genre it belongs.

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