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Monday Morning Motivation: 11 Tips against the Monday Blues

Every monday the same: working again, the gray, dreary everyday life again. If your Monday Morning Motivation is missing, here you can find effective advice on what to do about it.

Many of us start the new week of work always tired, listless and irritated. The tasks are difficult, the colleagues are annoying and you really just want to get home as fast as possible. That this effect isn’t just imagination, also show several studies.

For example, a study by the School of Economics found that worker productivity on production lines was significantly lower and the number of mistakes made was much higher. In 2010, a survey by the German research institute forsa with 1,002 participants found that almost one in three Germans suffers from the so-called “Monday blues” both physically and mentally. There are several reasons why we feel beaten and irritated on Mondays.​​

What can be the reasons for low monday morning motivation?

A simple reason is often our changed sleep behavior on the weekend. If we had short week nights, fatigue and lack of sleep during the week, we often try to compensate this deficit at the weekend by taking a long night’s sleep. In addition, because we don’t have to get up early, our sleep times usually differ from those during the week. The result: Our body gets used to a new sleep rhythm at the weekend. Then when our body slowly gets used to the new rhythm, it’s Monday and we change everything again.

Chronic fatigue at the beginning of the week can have many reasons.

Some second interesting effect can be observed in our immune system. This works at full speed during the working week, so that we survive the stressful everyday life as unscathed as possible. At weekend, our immune system also adapts to the relaxed situation. You probably know this effect by the fact that you have often become ill on vacation. It usually takes a while for our immune system to start up again on Mondays, so that there are often noticeable performance losses on this day.

Another problem is when so many tasks have to be done on the desk on Mondays that we don’t even know where to start. The week seems endless for us.

Unfortunately we can’t abolish the Monday itself. But we can do some things to make this day little more pleasant:

Try these Monday Morning Motivation Tips

1.) Ensure a healthy sleep rhythm

Don’t overdo it with sleeping in the weekend! If you sleep 7 hours during the week, you shouldn’t sleep more than 8 to 9 hours at the weekend. If feasible, try to go to bed whenever you go to sleep during work week. Also try to sleep roughly at the times you sleep during workweek. So if you have to get up on Monday at 7am, avoid sleeping on Sunday until afternoon.

Also, become aware of the function of human sleep cycles and try to use them for yourself.

2.) Leave your workplace tidy

Try to leave your workplace, e.g. your desk, on Friday afternoon in such a way that you don’t get hit on Monday with all the work. There is hardly anything worse than entering the office on Monday and being struck by work at first glance.

So make sure that you have completed the most important things and that you always leave your desk tidy. Put the most important things in order on Fridays so that you don’t have to find your way around in the new week, but know straight away what to start with.

3.) Plan your tasks

Use the Monday morning (or even better the Friday before) to plan the work week through so that you know exactly when which tasks have to be done. This will save you the queasy feeling that there are far too many tasks to be done that you don’t even know when to tackle them. With a well thought-out system of exactly when you do what, you will be able to work much more relaxed.

4.) Question your professional situation

If it happens to you regularly that you dread the new week, you should calmly question your current job. Just so we don’t get ourselves wrong: Each of us would probably rather sleep in and pursue our hobbies than have to work.

Professional reorientation
A new job can provide new motivation

This normal “Monday frustration” must be differentiated from when you feel fundamentally uncomfortable thinking about your work. In some people this is so pronounced that they have stomach pain or problems with digestion the day before. If the state of stressing or dragging you down at work persists for a long time, it is time to think.

You only have one life and you definitely shouldn’t waste it on a job that doesn’t make you happy. Good workers in particular are always needed and usually find a job without any problems. Look for alternatives, browse job search engines and find out what’s on offer.

Often the reason lies in the satisfaction not with the employer, but in the job itself. Accept that the work that you liked 10 years ago does not necessarily have to be yours today. Think outside the box and try out completely new tasks if necessary.

5.) Influence yourself with music

It’s always amusing to watch people being told by radio moderators on Mondays that there are only 5 days left until the weekend or whatever terrible things happened in the world.

Seriously now. Would you like to hear something like this in the morning of all times, when you are probably not in a great mood anyway?

Instead, try your personal favorite music. Music that will make you happy and confident for the day and the new week. This shouldn’t be a problem in the age of ipod and smartphone.

6.) Accept times with less motivation

As you’ve read above, it’s not uncommon to be a little less powerful on Mondays. Consider this natural fact and try to do less complex tasks on Mondays rather than worrying about it all day if something doesn’t work out.

7.) Have a good and healthy breakfast

Don’t make the start of your work day more stressful than it really needs to be. If possible, try to get up early enough so that you can get ready and have breakfast in peace. A day can hardly start worse than when you leave the house stressed and later have to shove an unhealthy snack behind your gills at some point between the door and the hinge.

A cozy and balanced breakfast

Try to acquire certain routines so that you don’t have to decide every day how and where to have breakfast.

Rely on healthy foods that support you at work instead of Nutella, wheat rolls and cocoa from a drinking straw.

8.) Relax the day

Monday doesn’t have to be bad and boring; Just spice it up a little bit.
Meet up with friends for lunch or visit the local swimming pool, a good restaurant or your favorite bar after work. The advantage: You have something to look forward to all day long.

9.) Get fit for the day

If you can schedule it, try to get fit and lively before the work day. Go for a run, visit the gym for an hour, or do a little workout at home.

You may find this a little difficult at first. Especially when you have to get up one or two hours earlier than usual because of this.

But believe us, your body will get used to it quickly and you will be a lot fitter for the day after exercising. Another advantage: you have already done your sport for the day and don’t have to do it after work.

10.) Don’t let yourself be influenced

Not only on Monday: avoid dealing with people who complain about the work all day long.
Surround yourself with people who are in a good mood, do their jobs, and do you good, rather than counting down to the weekend.

11.) Sweeten your work

Sweeten your work by preparing something delicious to eat in the morning, which you can look forward to. Add a little fruit or a chocolate bar and the day is saved. Of course, you can also give your partner a little pleasure quickly and easily.

By the way: Researchers have found out that Monday is not the least popular day at all. Instead, it’s Sunday because most people are already mentally stressed at work and can hardly switch off properly.

In a nutshell

Probably everyone of us knows the so-called Monday blues: After a relaxing or exciting weekend, it is very difficult for us to get back to everyday work at the beginning of the week. We are tired, irritable, feel drained and most of all we just want our peace and quiet.

In order to prevent this, it is important to leave work on Fridays without stress and not to change the existing sleep rhythm too much on the weekend.

In addition, we can use a few tricks to ensure that Monday doesn’t get that bad if we start it with enough time, a good breakfast or exercise and by sweetening it with little things.

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