Spiritual and intellectual suicide in young age
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Mental Suicide: Die at age 25 and buried at 75

Benjamin Franklin noticed how many of his friends stopped developing at a young age. Comparable to a mental suicide, many seemed to end in their mid-twenties.

“Many die at 25 but are not buried until 75.”

Benjamin Franklin

We noticed this quote from Benjamin Franklin recently while reading. For some reason it shouldn’t let go of us since then. If you think about it, you will quickly see how often this seems to be the case.

There are certainly voices in psychology who believe that the character of a person is largely pronounced at 30. That beyond that, a person will no longer change greatly. But there is much more to Franklin’s provocative statement.

Mental suicide after school and training

Many of them lose their dreams and determination when they graduate or when they arrive at work.

Spiritual suicide or steady advancement
Each of us develops differently over the years.

How many former school friends do you know who – if you meet them after 10-15 years on the street – have not or hardly developed any further? Who are still at the same point as they were then? Such encounters can be pretty terrifying. There are many who complain about their lives every day but have done absolutely nothing for themselves since their training.

People who have since invested more money in cocktails than in their education and have not read a book since school. Those who no longer have any professional, no sporting or character goals. People who just stood still inside.

So that we don’t get ourselves wrong: If you are happy with everything, you should continue as before. But shouldn’t we perhaps remember more often that we only have this one life and that we should use it within the framework of all possibilities?

“Those who stop pursuing goals are literally committing spiritual suicide.”

Les Brown

We still believe that everyone (including you) can achieve anything they want, if they want. So just think about how things are going with you. Did you develop in all areas in the last few years or did you stop wanting to grow many years ago?

A high school principal, whom we asked about his ambitions in sports, answered us that he needed it “to feel that he was still alive”. A statement that we found quite fascinating.

Are you still alive?

Ask yourself whether YOU are really still alive or are you just trotting through life. Whether you really still live your life with energy and zest for action, or whether you now only live for Fridays and vacations.

If the latter is the case, you should think about changing something and getting your life going again. Educate yourself, set yourself challenging sporting goals, my God, make something of your life!

In a nutshell

Psychology claims that our character development by the age of 30 is largely set in stone. Benjamin Franklin goes one step further and says that many of us die spiritually at the age of 25 and then just vegetate until we retire.

If we look at reality, it’s not that far-fetched. Many of them stop setting new goals or pursuing their previous ones relatively early, so that at some point they only live the same day every day.

Therefore, make yourself constantly aware that you only have one life and that you need goals in order not to rust. You can achieve anything if you just want to and work on it every day.

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