Don't wait, do it.
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How to get into action: Who waits, will lose.

Soon everything will be different, it just takes a little more time. And anyway, you still have to prepare a lot so that you can get started in a few years. Nonsense. Whoever waits loses. We’ll show you how to get into action.

It has a lot to do with the human tendency to constantly serve up new excuses or to talk to oneself about everything just to steal one’s responsibility.

When it comes to taking action, we keep hearing the excuse that the timing is not the right one or that we still have to prepare.

There is our dazzling business idea, which we cannot start yet because we would prefer to finish the study beforehand “for the sake of knowledge”. Our wish is to run a marathon, but we are constantly postponing the training phase because we just don’t have enough time for it.

We are constantly finding and inventing such and similar excuses in everyday life. Often at the end of our lives we look at a list of unfinished business that we have put off over and over again. Or as a poet once said: “The saddest place in the world is the cemetery. Here we find dreams, desires and goals that were never realized. “

The clock is ticking against you!

In one movie it says “Time is the fire we burn in”. And that’s the point. You and us, we only have one life. If you believe the Federal Statistical Office, it is around 70-80 years that we can freely use.

Once and then – at least according to the current state of science – never again. No second chance, no new attempt, just a single attempt to use life. If we subtract the first 20 years in which we grow up from this one life, there are still 50-60 years left. If you now subtract perhaps the last 10 years in which you can no longer do everything for health reasons, there won’t be too much left.

It is all the more incredible that we often behave as if we had all the time in the world to realize our dreams sometime later.

“Man lives as if he were never going to die and eventually he dies without ever really having lived.”

Dalai Lama

It is not for nothing that most people of retirement age only regret one thing: To have used the opportunities far too seldom.

Face the facts

So what are you waiting for?! For nice weather? A proper kick in the ass? You get the kick of the ass from us in the form of this text! Please consider two things:

The perfect moment that you are waiting for to finally be able to act will not come. Never! Believe us, something will always be missing and then the timing will not be perfect. Either because objectively it really is, or because that’s exactly what you’re telling yourself.

Who guarantees you that you will even experience your imagined perfect time to start? That might sound a bit harsh at first glance. But what’s the point of learning and waiting 5 or 10 more years if you should die sooner than expected? In that case you would not only have prepared yourself for free for years, you would also have wasted your life in a pretty pointless way, right?

The difference between makers and the gray crowd is that those who are hungry for success do not even wonder whether the time is right. You just do it.

Finally get into action!

If you have dreams or wishes, be they professional, business, sporting or private, then address them and do it now. Measured by the result, it doesn’t matter whether you start today or later, but the time you wait – whether it’s 2 or 10 years – is either missing in the end or in the worst case you can no longer implement it.

“A vision without implementation is just a hallucination.”

Thomas Edison

Whether you have the brilliant business idea or the burning desire to go skydiving: NOW is the best time to tackle exactly that. Because NOW you are burning. And this burning is 100 times more productive and promising than any lengthy preparation in the world.

Take a look at the success stories of Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Thomas Edison or whoever else. None of them said: “But I have to finish this and that first.” Come on! If you don’t do it right away, if the thought alone makes you restless, then you probably never will.

It is not the preparation for something that determines success or failure, but rather doing it. Your competition is not sleeping. While you are telling yourself the twentieth reason why the time is not yet right, others will pass you by who are less brooding. Just do it and you will see that you grow beyond yourself.

We wish you every success with all of our hearts! So go ahead now!

In a nutshell

We humans tend to postpone our dreams and goals to any point in the future. We often justify this with excuses such as that we still need preparation or that the moment is not yet perfect.

In doing so, we usually fool ourselves and completely lose sight of the fact that time is working against us. Successful people do not wait, but use their burning desire to tackle their project immediately. So they are always ahead of those who wait forever.

So stop putting off your ideas and dreams. Switch from theory to practice! There is no better time to get into action than when you are really passionate about her.

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