Everyone can become a maker
Whether we are on the winning or losing side also depends on ourselves. Photo: iStock.com/Deagreez.

How to become a maker: Try these tips!

Blaming the success of others on luck or fate has a great side effect. By telling ourselves that, we are pulling ourselves out of responsibility. This is how to stop such thoughts and how to become a maker.

A normal shopping in the supermarket. Of course, we have again queued exactly where it takes the longest. On the way home, it seems like every traffic light turns red and at home we only have bills in the mailbox. It seems we have a bad day.

Such events have nothing to do with bad luck or a bad day, and they definitely don’t always happen to us. We only notice them because we give them more attention than they deserve.

What we can and can’t influence

The human brain doesn’t like coincidences at all and is therefore always in search of repetitive patterns. But sometimes this creates completely false impressions of reality when we recognize patterns where there are none.
For example, we get annoyed when we have to wait in the supermarket for a while longer, but forget that we have been directly in charge for the last five times. Just as we forgot that all traffic lights were green this morning on the way to work.

Makers don't think too much
Doers reflect, but don’t brood unnecessarily much.

Exceptionally, these things are among those we can’t influence. They aren’t dependent on us, but on time and other people. However, most of our affairs are in our hands. So, if you aren’t in the position you would like to be in today, the reason is often what you did (or didn’t do) in the past.

So, if you are currently working in a job that you don’t like, then it may be because you haven’t yet invested enough time in your education. And if you are dissatisfied with your body, it may be because you have done too little for him in the last few years.

Path of least resistance

Most people find it difficult to admit mistakes themselves or even to look at themselves critically. Often it is more convenient to blame other people or fate for failing to do something.

“In inventing excuses, man is known to be a master.”

unknown author

So those people explain, for example, they would like to do sports, but would have no time or aren’t so successful, because they didn’t have the same opportunities as the others.

But who are these others? We’ll tell you: they are people who have never thought about luck or fate. People who have never looked for excuses, but simply pulled their own thing. People who’ve learned or worked on their dreams while the others watched TV or partied.

Unless you were born somewhere in the 3rd world and therefore can’t really do what you want, you have exactly the same opportunities as everyone else. You don’t need much time or money to work on your dreams or keep your body fit.

If you still think that you aren’t responsible for most things in your life, then you should objectively think about your past. Did you really always give everything and use all the opportunities you had?

Looking at one’s own life and oneself critically is always the first step to success. Your life can only get a little better if you improve something. To improve something, you have to admit where this potential for improvement lies.

This is how to become a maker

To realize that you have done one or the other thing wrong in life can be terrifying and sometimes very, very painful. But believe, once recognized, you immediately have the opportunity to turn everything around 180 degrees and make it different and better from now on.

Tips for becoming a maker.
Becoming a maker can be learned.

No matter what was yesterday or a year ago, it’s the past and can’t be changed. These are experiences that you’ll learn throughout your life and that nobody else can take away from you.

Stand by your failures, learn from your mistakes. and accept them as an important part of you. Only once you have been down will you be able to appreciate being at the top someday. Only those who have experienced setbacks in life can know how to deal with them. Take this into account if you lack confidence.

Be aware that you alone are responsible for your future. No matter what your goal may be: If you want to achieve it, start acting. The mistakes or omissions of your past aren’t that important today. What’s important is only the present as the first step into your future.

So start right now!

In a nutshell

Our brain doesn’t like coincidences. It therefore wants to recognize patterns and explanations for all occurrences, even if there are none. So we tend to see often only the negative in life and to believe that we are always just bad luck.

Apart from a few things in life that we really can’t influence – such as whether the traffic lights will turn red or green when we pass them – we are responsible for most things in our lives by ourselfs.

It’s very easy to blame other people or fate. But you won’t get any further. Instead of assuming responsibility in this way, you must accept that you alone are responsible for your life and your future.

Successful people don’t seek excuses, they just do their thing.

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