How to be more confident
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How to be more confident: 10 Tips for your life

The reason for a lack of self-esteem often is simply a completely wrong way of thinking. We’ll show you how to be more confident with some easy tips that you can implement directly.

Lack of or low self-esteem can have many reasons. You may never have learned to assert yourself, but it may also be that parents or acquaintances have made you feel like you are nothing special.

If you doubt yourself, realize the following: you are worth more than you might want to admit. At the time you were the only one of 40-600 million (!) Sperm that managed to fertilize the egg. You made the race and left millions of comrades behind. Remember, whenever you feel useless.

You can achieve everything. The expression of your self-esteem and self-confidence is not irrevocably fixed. You can work on it and, if you like, be someone who is bursting with self-confidence. How it works? Here are some tips to boost self-esteem:

How to be more confident with 10 simple tips

1. Keep Smiling!

Do you know these people who are constantly looking as if they had to experience the annihilation of all humanity? For sure. If you ask these people for the reason for their sad face, then you either get pretty trivial reasons or the reason that they don’t like their own smile.

Increase self-confidence by smiling
More self-confidence through a conscious smile

Remember, there is no smile in the world that looks nearly as crappy as a sad or melancholy face. In addition, our facial expressions – and this has been proven many times – directly affect our attitude and mood.

You can try it quickly and easily: Stand in front of a mirror and laugh with all your heart. You’ll see that you feel better immediately than with your sad expression. It’s simply not possible for our brain to process the paradoxical state of laughter and discomfort at the same time.
So, Try to spend the day with a smile whenever possible.

2. Pay attention to your charisma!

Go back to the mirror, look at some pictures of you or ask your loved ones for their honest opinion. Welche Gefühle teilt dein Gesicht mit? Do you look well-groomed, steady and happy or do you even make a down, bent impression?
We are all sellers, because we have to sell ourselves to society every day. To our boss, teacher or colleague; both at work and in private life. So behave accordingly: head up, chest out, a well-groomed appearance and a cheerful face should be yours from now.
If you no longer want to feel like a victim , stop acting like a victim. Look at more self-confident people and copy their behaviors.You will notice that the consciously upright appearance quickly transfers to your self-esteem.

3. Don’t take everything personally!

Make yourself aware that other people are not against you, but just for their self first. As you probably are, by the way. Remember that most things are not meant against you as a person. Often you would probably do the same thing in the same situation.

And even if you should really be criticized: Don’t interpret a critique as an attack that you have to ward off. Very few people can handle criticism of their own person well, even in the circle of friends.

Consider critique as a well-intentioned advice that you can use to improve yourself. There is always a small piece of truth in every criticism. So ask yourself if the review may even be justified.

Especially your friends have no advantage if they hurt you. They just want to point out something that you may not have noticed by yourself.

4. Live healthy and sporty

You don’t have to run a marathon or participate in the IronMan to do something for your health. Nevertheless, you should regularly – at least 1-2 times a week – pursue a sporting activity. Whether it’s running, a visit to the gym or a trip by bike, it’s up to you.

Greater self-confidence through a healthy lifestyle.
Physical fitness can boost self-confidence.

Pay attention to your diet whenever possible. That doesn’t mean that you can only eat salad and healthy things. But at least try to eat healthy foods for the majority of your time.

Your body will give it back to you many times, and to a much greater extent than you can imagine. You will rarely get sick, look better, need less sleep and go through life much more confidently .

If you feel not like an athlete at the moment, consider the following. Everyone (including today’s pros) started at the bottom. The only important thing is that you start at all. And if you have problems motivating you: Find a training partner, take classes or become a member of a crossfit box. You will soon realize that the joint training will motivate you a lot.

5. Say “no”!

Do you always want to please everyone? Forget it, that won’t work! Instead, you’re just drawn into a whirlpool of expectations that you’ll never get out of.
Your boss will still give you more orders, and your friends will know quickly that you are part of every suggestion.
Think of yourself. Think of your goals, dreams, and your daily schedule. A strong self-confidence also means to refuse something more often. A “no” has nothing to do with rudeness , but shows that you are organized and self-confident enough to make decisions and prioritize your life.

6. Believe in yourself!

Michel de Montaigne once said, ” My life has been full of terrible misfortune, most of which never happened. ” Do you recognize yourself in the sentence? Are you constantly worried about all sorts of things that might go wrong?

Remember problems from your past. Things that almost drove you to despair a few years ago. Whats become of you? Was it really as bad as you imagined it then or did you survive it?

Believe in yourself and that everything will be fine.There are hardly any real problems, but many challenges in life. What still bothers you mentally today will often be forgotten in one year and will only be an experience.

7. Learn to communicate!

The ability to speak openly and directly with strangers requires a certain amount of self-confidence and self-esteem. Participate in conversations, get involved in discussions and be active, rather than only defensive follow the events.

Increased Self-Confidence by talking to other people.
Participating in conversations can further boost self-confidence.

If you are shy, start with small steps. For example, you can start by asking 3 strangers for the time of day on one day or talking to the cashier in the supermarket about the weather.

You will see that most people are happy to speak with them. This good feeling will confirm you in your communication.

8. Stand by yourself!

If you want to say or do something, do it! Stand by your opinion, your visions and decisions instead of – like many of our fellow human beings – for fear of failure always to remain only in theory. You only have one life, so use it!

Think about what you have now and what you want to achieve. Set yourself real goals and work to achieve them every day. Don’t stop until you’ve achieved your goals.

9. Make a contract with yourself

Do not just mentalize things. Fix it in writing. Writing down has something of a contract with yourself and so subconsciously has a very different meaning than a pure thought, which you may eventually realize if it fits in time.

If you want, you can also show your written goal to your friends. In this way, you can no longer simply postpone your goals. Another benefit of writing your goals is that you can always monitor your progress and see your achievements.

10. Give something back

Try to be a good person to your loved one and the society. Be friendly, compliment and help even if you don’t expect anything in return.

So, you not only do something good to others and you, but you also earn respect in your social environment. This feeling will further build and strengthen your self-confidence.

Now it’s up to you: What do you think that causes many people to suffer from low self-esteem today? What tips can you give them? Write it down in the comments!

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