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Hack yourself: 15 Good mood tips to feel better

We all know these days, where our mood isn’t the best. The night was too short, everything went wrong at work and somehow today everyone is really on our toes. Unfortunately, all too often we forget that it’s only us who can change our mood. Below you will find simple good mood tips that you can implement right away.

There are days when you would most like to stay in bed. You have slept poorly or not enough and in the office you can expect only stress again. So it’s no wonder that a face like “7 days of rainy weather” stares at you from the mirror and you growl out of the way of your partner this morning.

We all know such “bad mood” days, everyone has them. But often we get deep into it for no reason at all, without knowing at the end, why we are actually in a bad mood. So we start the morning with the attitude that the day can only be bad anyway.

Such generalizations are risky. For one thing you should always keep in mind: There is no one in your head that directs your mood. You alone are the one who decides whether you are good or bad. And so you can do enough about it yourself when the signs are on storm:

Good mood tips to try out

1.) Please smile!

Stand in front of the mirror and make faces. Smile, stick out the tongue, etc. Trust me: It’ll be hard for you to stay in a bad mood. Incidentally, this also works great in the car in front of the red traffic light, in traffic jams or together with the passenger.

The reason is that your brain associates with a smile positive emotions and for the release of happiness hormones, the so-called endorphins, provides, which provide in your body for a small but fine intoxication.

2.) STOP thoughts

Be sure to exhort yourself with a subconscious but clear “STOP!” every time a negative thought comes to mind, and not to spin that thought any further.
Instead, think of something else, something positive, rather than unnecessarily adding to your bad mood.

3.) You are the boss!

If you forget it, always remember that you alone are the creator of your life . There is no one who directs your life for you. You decide which mood you have and YOU decide who or what you can hurt. It is you who decides whether he wants to break a situation or grow. So avoid self-destructive thoughts!

4.) Respond!

A proper workout will make your body pour happiness hormones out. You will feel a lot better afterwards.
So, get on the bike or off to the gym and really pump out. Show your mood who’s the boss.

5.) Be grateful!

Be aware of the reason for your bad mood and consider if there may not be other people who are many times worse off than you. From an outsider, such a thing may sound very wise, but you’ll soon find that you are – in most cases – pretty good.

6.) Ask for the meaning!

Consider whether it gives you any advantage to be in a bad mood. Will the cause of your mood be undone or anything improved? No, definitely not. And not in the least. It’s just mind-blowing energy that doesn’t give you any benefit. On the contrary, in the time you are freaking out or in a bad mood, you could be much better at solving the problem.

7.) Learning from experience!

Remember situations in your life where you felt similar, such as relationship issues & lovesickness, job issues, financial worries, etc. You have experienced most of these situations before, and even then you probably thought you were will go to ruin.

So, do you really want to make it so hard again or did the past show you that you are still there and you could have had it much easier?

8.) Treat yourself something!

Care for happiness! Go shopping, treat yourself to an ice cream or enjoy a proper wellness day at the spa, sauna, masseur, hairdresser or beautician. Just do what you feel like doing, whether with a partner, friends or alone for you.

9.) Kisses welcome!

If you have the opportunity: Try it with heartfelt kisses. The released happiness hormones of your body let fly every little touch of bad mood. And when kissing becomes more: even better.

Another benefit of this: you realize that you aren’t alone and that you can share your problems with someone.

10.) Listen to the music!

If possible, enjoy your favorite music. But care! Melancholic and sad music is absolutely taboo (anyway always!). And if everything does not help, party hits and co. Will get you going again.

11.) Clean up!

Straight approaches of bad mood are perfectly suited to ensure order in the domestic four walls. The mucking out of your basement, garage or room often has a bit of mental mucking too: you are mentally distancing yourself from things that no longer bring you any added value.

12.) Sun & nature

Go out! The worst thing you can do with a bad mood is to lock you up at home and to pity yourself. So, enjoy the sun and nature! By the way, visiting the solarium (Vitamin D!) or the sauna is a good alternative for the cold months. Here you can switch off and just let your mind wander.

13.) Pets

Spend time with your pet or pet from friends. Alternatively you can stop at the local animal shelter, where both humans and animals will be pleased about your visit.

Straight dog and cat are very attentive observers and know how to distract us, if we are just bad.

14.) Maintain social contacts

If you aren’t in a good mood, see that you come out! Meet people who are good for you or make phone calls with them. So both sides have something like this and sometimes it helps to be able to pour out his heart somewhere.

15.) Let’s rock!

If everything doesn’t help anymore, do something that you rarely do or never did before. Book a tandem jump from a height of 3,000 meters, go for a party or for speed dating (of course only as a single).
Prove that you are alive and you have all the freedoms of the world!

In a nutshell

Each of us is in a bad mood. Mostly without reason, but often also because something has happened, which just pulls us down. You should keep in mind that you alone can control and control your mood. So be aware that no one can force you into a bad mood.

Fight against your bad mood by doing things that distract you and make you happy. Find the contact with friends and acquaintances, do sports and treat yourself something. Remember: YOU are the boss!

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