Free daily and weekly planner, todo list, eisenhower matrix
The greater the number of our tasks, the more important it is to have well thought-out and structured planning. Photo: Ammentorp Lund.

Free printable Todo list, weekly and daily schedule, eisenhower matrix

Do you have many goals but find it difficult to turn them into action? No problem, our free printable todo list template and daily schedule template can help. Just download it and use it as often as you like.

One of the most common reasons why we fail in our goals and plans is poor organization. Through sensible planning and constant monitoring of our own progress, we can always keep an eye on our goals and stay on course.

Since we would like to support you, you can download the following templates free of charge and use them for yourself.

Weekly schedule template

With this weekly planner you keep track of the plans and tasks for the entire week and can therefore check at any time whether you have got everything done as planned.

Download the free weeky schedule template

To do this, simply note all plans for the following week in the weekly plan template and compare the things that have actually been done.

Daily schedule Template

If you’d rather control your tasks day by day, our daily planner template is just right for you.

Free daily schedule template

As with our weekly planner, simply note down the plans for the following day and then compare the things that have actually been completed on the day itself.

You always have an overview of whether you have implemented your goals as planned and how often you deviated from your plan.

ToDo-List Template

You felt way too many tasks to complete and no longer an overview? Our free to-do list can help you.

Simply enter all the pending tasks and give them a priority of 1-3 in the next step.

Then work through the tasks in order of priority, starting with the most important.

Eisenhower Matrix Template

Are you not sure how to organize your tasks in a meaningful way? Then you should take a look at the Eisenhower Matrix.

With the Eisenhower table you can sort all of your tasks according to how urgent and important are. You will also check whether you can delegate tasks.

Tasks that are neither urgent nor important, however, end up in the trash.

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