Effects of Laziness
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Effects of Laziness: How laziness ages our brains

Scientists studied the effects of laziness and came to an interesting conclusion. If you prefer to spend time on the sofa than being physically active, your brain will age significantly faster.

Often, our intentions, which we recently embarked on, don’t last long. Of course we could go for a run or go to the gym, but the sofa, bed or TV are much more comfortable.

US researchers from Boston University School of Medicine have found that there is a direct link between a person’s physical fitness and the aging process of his brain.

The aging process of our brain is quite natural. The older we get, the more our mental capacity diminishes. However, the study with a total of 1094 people showed that a lack of physical fitness causes the brain to age much faster than it does in athletes.

In order to investigate a possible connection, the brain volume of the subjects was measured 20 years ago and compared with today’s volume. The data was then compared to the regular physical activity of each person.
According to the scientists, the reason could be that in less athletic people the blood pressure rises faster even with light exertions than with trained ones, which in turn could significantly accelerate the aging process.

It’s never too late to start

Even if you have done little sport so far, there is no need to panic. The researchers expressly point out that sport, even in advanced age, can positively influence the aging process of our brain.

Regular sports also have many positive side effects. People who are physically active doesn’t only look better, but are also much more rested. They are more productive throughout the day and less susceptible to colds, back pain or headaches.

So, it’s worthwhile to include sports firmly in your weekly or daily schedule. You will benefit from it for many years to come. Don’t put off your goals, start implementing them now.

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