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Doer or Follower? That’s why you should think about it once!

Go through school, study and then work until you retire. Some people seem to have hardly any more claims to life. The times have never been more favorable to make the decision yourself whether you want to be a doer or a follower.

Seldom have we had better opportunities to shape our own lives than today. And yet it seems that some people would rather let their life slip by instead of actively using it.

Today a people of people who just somehow want to make ends meet until they retire? With a job that doesn’t necessarily make you happy, but at least ensures survival somewhere?

With such ways of thinking, not only Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison and Abraham Lincoln would probably stand up on the back of their necks. No, even today some more positive contemporaries would smile at so much naivety.

History and upbringing

100 years ago, when it was still very important what social class you came from and what gender you were, you usually had no choice but to do the same as your parents did.

As a man you chose a job similar to your father – advancing to a higher social class was almost impossible – and as a woman you stayed at home behind the stove, where you had to take care of your husband and family. Depending on how old you are, you may even know this view and role distribution yourself from your parents or grandparents.

The time around the two world wars also marked the generation of that time in such a way that they initially only concentrated on the essentials.

Subsequent generations, such as your parents, then often adopted this approach to life without ever questioning it.

Become a doer? The time has never been better

Much has changed compared to then. Fortunately, you don’t have to build a bombed-out city today, nor do you have to guard the hearth at home as a woman for life. And even if some contemporaries like to tell themselves the opposite, it hardly matters today what social class someone originally comes from.

Makers and Education
Investing in education pays off quickly

The opportunities for further education and training have improved significantly for a large part of society.

Even those who had other priorities during their school days can make up for their education today. The state supports this princely with student loans and grants.

Technical progress, above all the development of the Internet, has created numerous new opportunities, be it for work, potential self-employment or as a source of daily training.

Despite all this, it seems as if many of us today no longer know what to do with ourselves. While our grandparents had lost everything in places during the war and were happy to later enable their children (i.e. your parents) to enter solid careers, many of us have already given up when we were in our mid-twenties.

Every Monday morning, the greater part of the working population groans under their job and wishes for the weekend. During the breaks, people rant about how many years you have until you can finally retire.

See life as an opportunity

Normally, in situations like this, common sense would have to ask itself why you shouldn’t do something you enjoy instead. But this consideration is usually nipped in the bud with the excuse that you don’t know what it would be. After all, you don’t have the knowledge, contacts or luck you need to do it. Um … yes … exactly …

Sections of our population seem to firmly believe that more successful or satisfied people were simply born intelligent and competent. Plus, they probably just got lucky. To see that these people, instead of complaining and vegetating, have made something of themselves is knowingly avoided. Why? Because otherwise you would have to admit that you could actually have done the same thing yourself. And that can be very, very painful.

For the average consumer today, it seems to be an incentive to gain 10 more Instagram followers or +1 skill in any computer game, but not to see life itself as a challenge (and to a certain extent as a game), in which there are also goals and skills which can be achieved.

Instead of just sitting on your pants for a few years and fighting for what you really want (be it the freedom to do what you want or to have the absolute dream job), you often end up with a boring or to pursue a mediocre job, only to then at 67 or 70, when it is good to have 10-15 years as a frail man or woman for his real desires.

If there were to be truly intelligent life outside of the earth, one must ask what it would think of us.

What are you?

Please make yourself aware of one thing: You only have one life. This life is limited in time. No ifs and buts. If you subtract your childhood and growing up to adulthood, you have maybe 60, maybe 70 years from then until you bite the grass. Sorry if we write this in such a striking way, but that’s just the way things are.

Do you really want to spend 40-50 years of your life doing things you don’t enjoy? With things that you only do so that you can bridge the time to the safe end?

Doers make their own decisions.
You determine your life path and the speed.

Of course, you shouldn’t quit your job straight away, nor should you start your own business as a career starter. That would be too risky and won’t get you any further.

But you should see life for what it ultimately is: a magic box of unlimited possibilities. You can study and become a doctor. But you can also raise a peanut plantation in Cuba or make people happy with stories from your pen.

It doesn’t matter, the main thing is that it makes you happy and makes you wake up with a smile every morning. Become a doer and stop just participating.

If you are involved in a fatal accident tomorrow, your previous – perhaps unfortunate – work will have been in vain. Because of this make sure that you spend every day doing things that suit your temperament. Don’t work for other people towards a time that you may not experience at all.

Nobody will be able to predict for yourself which path is right or wrong for you. You will (unfortunately) only be able to evaluate your decisions at the end of your life. So make sure that the things you regret in old age remain manageable. Your life is in your hand, all alone in yours. Luckily.

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