Correlation between music an intelligence
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Correlation between music and Intelligence: What kind of music do you listen?

The American software programmer Virgil Griffith has investigated a – not very serious – question. He wanted to know if there is a correlation between music and intelligence. His results, which he received from a specially programmed algorithm, are both interesting and amusing.

Virgil Griffith is an American hacker, scientist, and author. He has published several books and has given several lectures at renowned hacker conferences.

For evaluate, if there is a correlation between music and intelligence he uses the social network Facebook. For this he compared the musical preferences of students from his university with their results in their entrance exams.

The results of his survey were in part surprising. So he found that the worst students heard, for example, Lil Wayne, Beyonce and Jaz-Z. The better students, on the other hand, seemed to prefer interpreters like U2, Bob Dylan and Beethoven.

If you want to know more, you should visit the Griffith website, where you will find many more examples. To what extent these results should be taken seriously is up to you. Certainly a larger survey would be necessary for a more valid result, but Griffith’s work shows an interesting trend.

Especially when it comes to increasing your own productivity or just to feel good, your own taste in music is always the best choice. Rely on music that makes you happy and motivates. Avoid music that demotivates, makes you sad, or even angry.

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