It doesn't hurt to be a little crazy
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This is why being a bit crazy is a good choice

Do you live your life according to a plan that not you, but your parents or friends designed for you? School, education, work, family, pension and end? We’ll show you why it’s sometimes better to go against the stream.

Sometimes one could get the impression that we are robots. Live our lives the way we were told, without even pausing and wondering if this is actually fun or even meaningful to us in our current form.

We go to school, often end up in a job that does not fulfill us, but financially secure and then work until we get 60-70 years of age permission to do our last few years then what we really want to have.

Crazy isn’t the same crazy

No question, people who live the way that society sees fit (school, education, job to pension) usually work very hard for their bread. Most of them even have to work many times more for the same money than the self-employed person or freelancer. However, happy and satisfied people often don’t live with it.

The people who question the meaning of everything and everyone and, if necessary, go their own (and often also new) ways, are viewed rather critically by society. They have moved away from normality, they moved out of the normal range.

But this craziness (in most cases) has nothing to do with the fact that the person is of unsound mind. On the contrary, those very different people have always been the ones in history who made it to the top or made groundbreaking inventions and discoveries.

But why is that? Why are crazy people more successful and happier than the average person

Question and decide for yourself

Laws and regulations are already important. But when it comes to purely social conventions, successful people first of all question their meaningfulness for themselves.

Who says you should study right after school? Who says that as an employee you have to work to retirement or that you can not go 10 miles by bike to work every day?

Especially high-performance athletes have this pronounced mentality, not artificially limited, but instead set their own limits. It’s worth taking a look out of the box and deciding for yourself what’s the right path for yourself. Just because you can’t run a mile today or need at least 9 hours of sleep doesn’t mean that you can’t be better next year.

Don’t be afraid of failure

Crazy and successful people don’t constantly worry about what could go wrong. They know about the potential risk, but they believe that they will be safe.

Of course, this isn’t always good, it often takes several attempts. But just by the fact that they even try it (which many people don’t do), they have much more success than the eternal pessimists who don’t even dare a first attempt for fear of failure.

The inventor Thomas Edison needed over 1,000 attempts to develop the first working light bulb. If he had been afraid of failure right from the beginning, we would probably still be sitting in our apartments with candles today.

Who plays,  can lose. Those who don’t play have already lost .”
(Bertolt Brecht)

Full of energy and not to slow down

While the “normal people” live their day and just work towards the next weekend or vacation, the “crazy people” drive boundless energy.

The crazy people are looking forward to each day, always have a next goal or idea what they are working on and let nothing or anyone disturb them. Criticism or stupid sayings from “normal people” reinforce them and only encourage them to put their dreams and goals into action. Such makers don’t bother about what others think about them.

Confession to be crazy

It’s sad enough that the people who once – by doing it differently than before – invented the wheel and discovered the fire, are now dismissed as crazy ones because they aren’t within the social norm.

Even the recent times presented us with numerous people who were successful with their “otherness” and “rethinking”. Examples include Albert Einstein , Steve Jobs , Bill Gates , Henry Ford , Nikola Teslai , etc.

Remember: In the “normal” way you’ll always achieve only normal results. By doing what everyone does, you’ll only achieve what everyone achieves.

That’s why you should ask yourself if you want to live a life according to a predetermined plan and live in the box or if you want to design your own box for yourself. It’s up to you.

In a nutshell

In our society today, one who doesn’t live his life the usual way is quickly described as crazy. But in the past, it was mostly the crazy people who, through their “other thinking”, have taken humanity further.

Crazy people aren’t sick, on the contrary: they have retained their human urge for knowledge and self-development, rather than being forced into a role. They make their own decisions and judge for themselves instead of blunt conventions and rules. They are full of energy and experience by their positive attitude much more often successes than the gray crowd.

So ask yourself if you want to swim with the stream or do it the way you want it. You only have one life, so please, use it.

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